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Southern Regional DRC - Substance Abuse Classes



Classes & Groups

SRCC provides numerous classes serving various levels of need represented by participants in the program. The classes encompass everything from education in addictions, recovery and the effects of drugs and alcohol to intensive substance
abuse treatment. Materials from both Hazelden and the Twelve Steps are utilized and implemented. The classes overlap with other services provided such as random drug testing and case management services

A list of classes provided are as follows:

Substance Abuse Education: Basic education in the effects of drugs and alcohol as well as addiction and the recovery process.
The Matrix: A 16 week group which covers all areas of recovery and utilizes
handouts as well as discussion. This group follows a more educational style
and implements strategies and techniques to sustain recovery and prevent relapse.
Intensive Substance Abuse: A 17 week group which discusses the addiction process; contributing factors; relapse prevention and coping strategies. Materials from Hazelden are used in conjunction with 12 Step strategies and philosophy. The smaller, process-type group allows for deeper discussion and reflection.
Men's Issues: Substance Abuse issues relating specifically to males.
Women's Issues : Substance Abuse issues and discussion.
Anger Management: Managing anger and other emotions in recovery.
Big Book Study: Studies and discussions regarding the Twelve Steps (peer led).

The Twelve Steps

The 12 Steps continue to offer
time honored solutions and
spiritual help to those suffering
from addictions to various
chemicals and habits. They
have also been successfully
implemented in treating mental
health and behavioral difficulties
such as ADHD, anxiety and phobias.

SRCC offers Twelve Step groups
at various times throughout the
week during both day and
evening hours. These groups
are led by participants & follow the
traditional AA/NA format.

Random Drug Screening

SRCC provides on-site, full urinalysis testing. This saves financial resources and prevents errors in testing and reporting. It also provides the DRC with a means of financial support from local entities, cutting down on the need for grants and government subsidy.

Participants check Facebook or phone daily and are informed by code whether or not they are to be tested. They may also be asked to provide a specimen at any time while attending class or performing
community service.

Case Management

SRCC provides case management services which ensure that each participant receives necessary counseling, psychological services, vocational training and education while in attendance.

SRCC employs and contracts with various mental health professionals, as well as local
agencies in order to provide the necessary interventions to help each participant improve his or her situation and complete & maintain the recovery process.









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