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Southern Regional CC- Employee Drug Testing

West Virginia Drug Testing Lab


Southern Regional's lab employs the latest technologies in specimen validity, serum technology and assay analysis. Utilizing Macrogenic technology, a product of Thermo Fisher Scientific, the lab contains technology shared by over 300,000 diagnostic labs, universities, research institutions and government agencies.


WVDCTL provides an eleven-panel test which includes the major drugs and their deirvatives which can be found today. These include, but are not limited to: Marijuana/THC; Cocaine; Amphetamine /Crystal Meth; Opiates (Oxycontin, Percocet); Synthetic Opiates (Methadone) and prescription medications such as Xanax and Fiorinal. It also tests for common adulterants and dilutants used to mask substance abuse.

The lab has the capacity to complete 550 tests per hour. All positive tests are automatically tested again to ensure accuracy.

Convenient & Timely

WVDTL is conveniently located just below the courthouse in downtown Princeton. Employees may come to the front window and fill out their paperwork while waiting to be tested.

If you prefer on
site collection you may contact SRCC for further details

Lab results can often be delivered the same day, or within 72 hours. The results may be sent via secure e-mail, or faxed to a machine in a discrete location.

Certified & Reputable

WVDTL is certified through CLIA, the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments, which allows WVDTL to perform on-site drug testing.

Our lab implements state of the art technology utilizing a bar code system for matching specimens with donors. We employ a highly trained staff who are qualified in substance abuse treatment and are well aware of the signs & symptoms of abuse, as well as methods used to cloak usage.

We work with individuals in Drug Court and on Home
Confinement, which means that our lab results are used
as evidence in legal cases. We have the respect of the local court
systems, judges, and government agencies located throughout
Southern West Virginia.

Our lab conforms to the federal privacy laws regarding
the confidentiality of medical and substance abuse records.

Are You In Compliance?

Today's safety and compensation policies require
drug testing in the work place. SRCC is a local community resource which endeavors to keep the community safe and chemical free. Your support helps to ensure, not only safety for your employees, but safety for the entire area as well.

Our facility is safe and confidential.
If you have further questions or need more information contact us by e-mail or phone.





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