SRCC oversees Day Report functions such as community service, educational classes, court appearances, case management and random urinalysis testing. Clients on Day Report are assigned a case manager who supervises each client and coordinates services such as substance abuse treatment, psycohological services, vocational rehabilitation and legal services.

SRCC serves as the drug court liaison and service provider for Mercer County in Southern West Virginia. Services include: court representation; multi-discipline treatment team coordination; transportation services; and referrals. Participants have access to anger management and substance abuse classes offered at our facilities.

The Drug Court program lasts for a minimum of one year and participants are able to become integrated back into the community. In many cases, offenders can complete the program with their records clear of criminal charges.


Home confinement services consist of electronic monitoring, case management, community service, educational classes and transportation to work and the center.


SRCC works with those caught in the web of addiction by providing a number of services. We offer services such as case management, psychological evaluations, educational classes and random drug screenings. Our classes are designed to meet the various intensity levels of the clientelle we serve. We also host 12 Step meetings within our facility which are led by the program's participants.



The BIPP's program confronts domestic violence head on with education and monitoring. Offenders attend weekly classes and meet with case managers in order to address thoughts and beliefs which lead to violence.


SRCC provides on-site, full urinalysis testing. This is a service which may be used by the entire community for company drug screenings, new employees, workers compensation requirements, injury claims and more. Our staff is experienced in addictions and the recovery process.







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